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minimalist posters next to normal

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NEXT TO NORMAL minimal poster design. @n2nbroadway @RIPLEYTHEBAND  @IfThenMusical


NEXT TO NORMAL minimal poster design.    @IfThenMusical

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29/500 musical moments

Maybe- Next to Normal

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theatre challenge —- 1/9 shows
↳ next to normal

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thank you, that is all. 

IDEK what this is is. Ignore me. 

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selfaggrandizingbastard asked set porn + rainbow colors

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  • Alice Ripley: Tony nomination
  • J. Robert Spencer: Tony nomination
  • Jennifer Damiano: Tony nomination
  • Aaron Tveit: I came out to have a good time and I'm honestly feeling so attacked right now
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on a first date


"so which one do you think is more painful, i’ll cover you reprise or i am the one reprise"

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i am flame and i am fire, i am destruction decay and desire

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On the musicals category on QuizUp there was this question that asked what musical the song ‘I’m Alive’ is from (I knew the answer was n2n) and one of the options was Les Mis. It made me laugh and cry because, well,

no one’s alive in Les Mis.

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musicals + hope

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